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Ways to Recharge Your Sex Life! Naturally!

By: Marcus Martinez

Doing the same thing over and over again can make things a little bit mundane?

There is really nothing wrong with you if you ever felt like that. It is not that you do not love the same person any more but it is just that repetitions themselves without even the slightest change of routine, same place, same atmosphere, same time, same style, same finishing, just makes things too predictable and when things become too predictable, our brain, which is probably our most powerful sexual organ, just is not stimulated as much as it used to. Simple changes will make a whole lot of difference in how we think and in turn, how we may get stimulated from the small things in life.

There is no need for drastic changes to recharge your sex life. In fact, through following some of the simple suggestions below, you will probably supercharge your sex life without knowingly doing it.

1. Have fun outside the bedroom. When was the last time you really had some fun outside the bedroom? Have a dance, play some cards, have a picnic or just do what ever that gets the laughs going.

2. Think of love-making as a priority. Set a date in your diary and plan for the event. It all begins with how you approach the event and your attitude matters.

3. Romance matters. Love-making is an important occasion. Go to town with flowers, candles, soft music and perfumed sheets.

4. Lubrication. Common complaint for women over 35 is that sex is painful and dry. Try a natural lubricant. Everyone uses it. There is no shame in using lubricants.

5. Have a few less drinks. Alcohol is more potent at provoking the desire than helping with the performance. In fact, alcohol is known to take away the performance as it acts as a central nervous system depressant and weakens erections and dampens the female response.

6. Stop smoking. Yes, it will improve your sex life. Smoking reduces libido by slowing blood flow to the genitals and smells from smoking can be a real turn off for many.

7. Lose a few pounds. Brown University researchers found that when 32 women in a weight loss program began to shed kilos, they reported a significant improvement in their sex lives.

Having a healthy sexual life is a key part to healthy living as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. A poor relationship often begins with a poor sex life. So ramp up your sex life and you will have a continued and wonderful life ahead.

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