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Dealing With Decreased Sexual Desire

By: Jason Carson

Men's Tips for Dealing with Wife's Decreased Sexual Desire

With any relationship or marriage, there seem to be sexual droughts and floods. Although it's normal for things to slow down a bit in the bedroom with the arrival of children and the stress of every day living, a huge decrease can cause many problems. For instance, when a woman is experiencing decreased sexual desire, her husband could feel as if he is not wanted or desired. This may cause deeper issues within the marriage. This article offers several tips for men dealing with decreased sexual desire in his wife.

Slow Things Down

One thing that really turns a woman on is foreplay. Rather than jumping straight into the good stuff, take time to explore her likes and dislikes. She will let you know through her body language what she enjoys and what she doesn't. Spend time allowing her to get into the mood and become aroused. When you go straight from looking at her to jumping her bones, it can be difficult for her to get into the mood. Foreplay can be great fun for both you and your wife so slow things down and take your time!

Impress Her

One thing that can really reduce your wife's sexual desire is stress. Pick up some of her workload in order to help her de-stress. For instance, rather than letting her cook dinner all the time (if she does), pick something up on your way home or offer to cook it yourself. You could also arrange for a sitter to watch the kids a few nights a week in order for you and your wife to enjoy some quiet time together. Whether you visit a theater and watch a movie, have a nice dinner or just cuddle up on the couch, the decreased stress levels will help her get into the mood.

Be Understanding

Often times, decreased sexual activity could be the result of a medical or emotional problem and has absolutely nothing to do with your wife's feelings for you. If you become frustrated with her or angry with her, it could add to the problems. Your wife is probably already very upset that her interest is down - giving her a hard time will only upset her further. In cases like this, support her and help her find solutions. Whether the two of you visit her doctor or look for information regarding the situation, knowing that you support her will help more than you think.

When a relationship is suffering from decreased sexual activity, the tips and tricks above can really help it get back to normal. Being patient, loving and understanding will only help more!

Women's Tips for Dealing with Men's Decreased Sexual Desire

If you're a woman dealing with decreased sexual desire in your husband, you're probably frustrated, worried and upset. It can be easy to feel as if something is wrong with you or that your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore. However, most of the time, decreased sexual desire has nothing to do with these things. This article offers some helpful tips for women dealing with decreased sexual desire.

Be Patient

Many times, there can be an underlying cause of decreased sexual desire that men are embarrassed about. For instance, men who are on certain medications or experiencing certain health problems could have erectile dysfunction or something similar. Of course, if that happens, a man's first instinct is to avoid intimate situations with their wives. Other medical conditions could cause decreased sexual desire as well, such as depression. This is why it's very important to be patient with your husband rather than becoming frustrated and attacking him.

Spice Things Up

One of the things you can do if you're dealing with decreased sexual desire in your husband is spice things up with your sex life. Whether you surprise him for a lunch date wearing nothing but a coat or you role play or something similar, sometimes just the added excitement is enough to get your husband interested again. Don't be afraid to experiment with your husband - there is nothing sexier to a man than his woman being a little naughty. As long as the both of you are being safe and enjoying yourselves, it's fun and healthy to spice things up. Visit your local adult shop or use your own imagination to think of things that would drive your husband wild.

Don't Underestimate Time Away

Many times, the cause of decreased sexual desire is caused by stress. Perhaps your husband works a high stress job, has a lot on his plate or is stressed out due to something else. Just some time away from the stress could be enough to stimulate his desire to return. Book a weekend away for the two of you to relax and enjoy each other's company. Don't pressure him to be intimate with you, but allow things to happen naturally. Getting away from the daily stresses and enjoying some down time can have a real positive affect on your relationship and intimacy.

By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can beat decreased sexual desire and all of the problems that seem to come with it. Remember to be understanding and caring with your husband and you will see the positive results.

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