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Extending Male Orgasm

By: Zinn Jeremiah

The difference between men and women in the time it takes to achieve orgasm can be quite significant. In most instances of male female intercourse, a male will ejaculate sooner than his female partner will. This isn't necessarily an issue: over time, couples often, though not always, develop patterns that allow for each partner to achieve some level of sexual gratification. Still, many men and even some women have an interest in methods that can slow a male's ejaculation time, so that times of physical intimacy can be extended.

One method that some claim slows the time it takes a man to ejaculate is known as Kegel exercise. Physician Arnold Kegel, the man who invented the Kegel exercise, is who the exercise is named after. Though Kegel exercise has developed a reputation for increasing ejaculatory control and slowing male orgasm, its effects are meant to benefit both men and women in ways that aren't always related to sexual intimacy. The Kegel exercises in fact add muscle tone and strength to pelvic area muscles, lessening the effect of certain conditions, or avoiding such conditions altogether, in the process: urinary incontinence in men and women; shifting of the internal organs in women; prostate malfunction in men; and enhanced ejaculatory control in men.

The way to perform Kegel exercise is to alternatively tighten and then release what are known as the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles can be felt during an attempt to hold back a urinary stream. Performing the Kegel exercise correctly involves contracting and releasing these pelvic muscles ten times each, for a count of ten each time. Activating the correct muscular group while applying this exercise is important: some people will tighten the abdomen or surrounding muscles instead, and will not receive the proper benefit. Kegel exercise should be performed every one to four days.

The question of whether Kegel exercise actually does help delay male ejaculation isn't necessarily absolutely validated at this point. For one, the exercise must be done consistently over a period of weeks to see results. For some men, this sort of a routine is burdensome to maintain. An alternative to Kegel exercise for enhancing ejaculatory control is to use various enhancement oils, creams, or capsules. These products are designed to promote better male ejaculatory control while also enhancing ejaculation when it does take place. Products like these are usually sold online exclusively.

There are options then when it comes to slowing male ejaculatory response. Which method to use will ultimately depend on personal preference. For some, using the Kegler exercise routine will have the greatest appeal; others will choose some form of enhancer.

Zinn Jeremiah is a freelance writer. Find more of Zinn's work by visiting . For male enhancement, visit .

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