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Longer Lasting Sexual Experiences

By: Robert Paris

I heard a well-known psychologist state, “a man falls in love with the way his woman makes him feel when she’s around him.” As a husband and father of three, I say, “Yes, that’s true!”

But, how do you make her feel?

There are many qualities that make a good man – providing for your family, being a good parent, being the spiritual leader of your family, and so on…

However, like many men, I am also fixated, to a degree, on how I look and how I perform sexually. I’m not sure where this comes from in men, but I know that I am not alone.

I’ve heard women state, “size doesn’t matter.” I’ve also heard women refer to their lovers as, “minute men.” I know personally, and because my wife and I do share our feelings with one another, truthfully, that size and duration of sex does matter, for her. I suspect she is not alone either.

So personally, this is one more area where I strive to make my wife happy. I’ll correct myself. As she would say, “it’s not that I’m unhappy. I’m just happier, now.”

In order for anyone to apply any of what I write, it is important that first, you and your partner communicate. And, you must both be TRUTHFUL.

So, does your wife think penis size is important? Here’s a little scenario to see for yourself, if your partner is satisfied with your penis size. Only use this if you’re both open-minded in the “size” conversation. Otherwise, it may cause problems. Here it is:

Tell her: 'Imagine there is another guy that is an exact duplicate of me, like a clone. Body, personality, everything is the same except one thing. The clone has a smaller penis than mine. One inch less in length and circumference. Now imagine the two of us in front of you. Which one do you choose to have sex with?'

If you don't belong to the less than 0.1% of men whose penises are just too big for most women, she will choose you of course. But maybe she feels the trick coming and decides that she wants both of you because she 'likes variety'. Insist that she can only have one because the other one will evaporate or whatever. She will surely choose you above the clone.

Then continue: 'Okay, now imagine this same clone but with a larger penis than mine, one inch more in length and circumference. Who do you choose now?'

She will not answer it. True, it is a dirty question that brings out the truth and shows the deepest desire of your woman. It is a no-win situation for you because even if she chooses you above the bigger one you won't believe her. But let's say she insists and repeats that she really doesn't want it to be bigger. Trick her like this: 'Okay, pretend I do not exist and there are only the two clones, one with a penis smaller than mine and one with a penis larger than mine. Who do you choose now?'

Force her to choose, just as she was able to choose earlier on. She will most likely choose the bigger one. All this means is that no healthy normal girl will choose the guy with the small penis if all other things about them are equal. And that bigger is most of the times better and that in her mind she might wish you were a bit bigger.

Attention: don't use this trick unless she lies to you about the size of your penis. Otherwise you are simply creating a problem instead of solving one. {Pg. 43, penissizedebate}

The truth is, for some men, even if their partners are happy, size does matter. I would offer this though – to try to compare penis size to breast size in women, let’s say aesthetically, doesn’t work. Breasts are evident; we men get to see what we’re getting beforehand. A man’s package is not so evident (for very large men, it can be). So women tend to focus more on the eyes, hair-style, dress/fashion, smell, etc.

Regardless, I’ve been body-building and nutrition for over twenty years, and I want my wife to be aesthetically attracted to all of my body. These have been my experiences, with a variety of products.

I had reached a goal with my physique, where I was very happy with myself. My muscle size was above average, there was symmetry, my skin was healthy, and I carried an air of confidence. Then, I removed my briefs… My muscles had grown, they had hardness to them; I was cut. But, below the belt, I was the same size as I was before weight training. So, my first attempt to increase size was with penis pills.

I ordered one brand that I saw advertised on television. The product insert recommended a certain dosage and that I perform some penis exercises, commonly referred to as “jelging.” Jelging requires that you stretch and manipulate the penis to achieve a semi-erect state. Then, while holding the blood in the penis with an “ok” sign grip, you would continue to force blood, with a stroking motion towards the head of the penis.

After just about two weeks of the jelging-pill combination I saw a noticeable increase in size, mostly in the flaccid state. One day, while exiting the bathroom after a shower, my wife made the comment, “nice hang.” So, do women notice? You bet! Because, I became more confident with the new size, I inadvertently became more confident with the act of sex. My erect size, although not as evident as the flaccid state, increased too.

I had reached a plateau, but wanted to be bigger. I was interested in marketing a pump-device, used by a prominent doctor (M.D.) in the penis-enlargement industry. So, I ordered one.

I used the pump the day I received it. After just one half hour session, my response was “Wow!” When I came out of the bathroom, my wife looked down and her eyes just about popped out of her head. Unfortunately, after about an hour, the results subsided, but I was inspired to continue with the recommended protocol. We often had sex, while I was in this increased size state, and my wife felt a very noticeable difference. A ring placed around the base of the penis, designed to maintain blood in the erect penis prolonged the larger state.

I took “before and after” pictures all through my program. There was a very noticeable increase in flaccid state size, and now, even some increase in erect size. Once again, my wife made the comment, “ummm… that’s a good size.” However, this was during penetration. She also commented on how “Full” she felt, this was referring to the increase in girth. I achieved a size that I was very happy and comfortable with. So, I decreased the frequency of pump sessions. I now only pump once a week at most, more so, once every two weeks.

In addition, I’ve continued to take the PE (penis enlargement) Pills, and I’ve added one that increases seminal fluid output during ejaculation. I am now, like woman are fortunate to be able to do, experiencing multiple orgasms. This feels GREAT! This is referred to as, “The Ropes.”

Another product I use, that contains a synergistic blend of ten different Chinese herbs. I am over 40 years old, and I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of times I can achieve an erection in a time period. While taking this product, which I only do when I’m anticipating a sexual encounter, I achieve harder, longer lasting erections. My refractionary time is shortened, meaning I need less “down time” between orgasms. I have now, like I did in my early twenty’s, gone 4-5 times a night! These results have lasted me 24, or more hours. So far, this product has worked the first time, every time.

With a hectic, busy schedule, that includes caring for and raising three small children, our sex life had seemed to take a dive. One thing we made a point to do was to create a “date night.” The other was to create a night that we planned to have sex on. This created some exciting anticipation, which promotes some preparation for the encounter. The preparation is exciting too! The increases in size I’ve attained and the addition of the herbal products I use have added newness to our relationship after ten years together.

About the Author: Robert Owns and operates For more information about coral calcium, please visit his website.

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