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Learn the Basic Strategies on How to Lose and Gain Weight Effectively

Are you having a hard time on losing and gaining weight? You might have been doing various exercises in keeping your body fit but still you donít seem to achieve the proper figure? You must be aware of the three body types so that you will be learned of the different training programs and diet plans that you will be going through. The three body types are Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. An Ectomorph has small and delicate bone structure. They have difficulty in gaining weight even if they have fast metabolism. This is why they are mostly called hard gainers. On the other hand, an Endomorph has a round and soft body. They are able to gain fat and muscle easily but they are having a hard time in losing fat because of their slow metabolism. Finally, the body type that most people wanted to have, a Mesomorph. A Mesomorph has a hard body with well defined muscles. They are usually strong, athletic and gain muscle easily but they also gain more fat than Ectomorphs. Knowing these three body types, you will be able to categorize yourself to where you belong. So which do you think do you see yourself fit? Well, here is an opportunity for you to decide in enrolling yourself at your local gym. You will be able to learn from your gym instructor about the different training programs youíll be having according to your body type. You will be taught on the basic cardio and weight lifting exercises but still itís up to you on how you perform well on those activities.

So letís discuss what you need to know before you get started in a gym. First things first, you need to have a strong determination and a motivation. This will keep you focused on your daily fitness activities. This would be followed by having a healthy diet. This means eating the right kind of food that your body needs. If you wanted to lose weight, minimize your carbohydrate intake. If you wanted to increase your weight, increase your protein intake. When you have the two settled, this is the time to build your stamina so that you could keep up on weight lifting exercises. This is very important for beginners because most of them tend to skip this and proceed directly to the hard part. I tell you, if you donít have stamina, you wonít be successful in performing all of those fitness exercises. For beginners, you need to start from the lighter weights in order to build up strength. This is important because losing and gaining weight is a process. You donít need to rush your muscles because they too will eventually gain strength. Please take not that when you do too much cardio exercises, you burn not only fat but also your muscles as well.

The different gym equipments have their unique roles and various ways of using them. You will be using an adjustable dumbbell set, barbells and specialized machines. So when you start your workout, you must be aware that their roles vary on which body muscle you would want to develop. Each weight lifting exercise has its main target muscle part but they also have a secondary target muscle. For an example, when you do the classic ďbench pressĒ which targets the chest muscle, it also targets the secondary muscles which are the triceps and shoulders. This means that if you were not able to develop your triceps and shoulders, you might not be able to perform the bench press properly.

Barbells are good for building your strength but they have a limitation. There are exercises that cannot be performed using barbells. Unlike an adjustable dumbbell set, you can perform more weight lifting exercises. When you use a barbell in performing an exercise, you use both arms together and you think you could have exerted the same force. Well actually, our right and left muscles may not have the same strengths. This means that the exerted force of your right and left muscles are different which would lead to develop the stronger muscle more. In this way, you would be having unproportionate muscles. You wouldnít want that do you? So this is why we need to use an adjustable dumbbell set to make your muscles proportional to each other.

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