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Diet Plan for Muscle Building and Fat Loss

If you ask anyone concerned about their health and appearance what the most important factor of their success is, undoubtedly, the answer is their diet. You, as a concerned fitness enthusiast, need a streamlined approach to your nutritional program. Although it is simple to understand, it is far more difficult to put into motion. It will take time and dedication to get your nutrition correct and properly timed, day after day. You must approach your nutrition with the same focus and intensity that you bring with you to the gym. The benefits will shock and amaze you.

Daily Nutritional Requirements

The basic formula for a normal fitness enthusiast is much less than that of a professional bodybuilder, especially in the realm of gaining muscle while losing fat.

Protein: .80 grams per pound of lean body weight
Carbohydrates: .80 grams per pound of lean body weight
Fat: .5 grams per pound of lean body weight

As an example, a 200 pound man would consume:
160 gram proteins (640 calories)
160 grams carbohydrates (640 calories)
100 grams fat (900 calories)

Total calories: 2180 calories per day

Consuming your daily requirements can be a difficult goal to achieve, especially with work and lifestyle factoring in on time to eat and maintain a proper workout schedule. You'll need an iron will. A strict diet will become a dreaded endeavor. You will need to focus on making your nutrition program your number one goal. Your nutrition plan is extremely crucial to your fitness and aesthetic goals. Without extreme attention, you will never achieve the body you want. Know your goal and plan accordingly with simple, basic steps.

Basic Foods

The most commonly recommended foods are:

Lean Meats (Chicken, Tuna and Lean Beef)

Whole Grains (Wheat, Oats and Brown Rice, in limited quantities)

Vegetables (all varieties of green and leafy items)

Diet tips

Eat 5-6 meals a day

Grilling is the better cooking option

Limit sauces and condiments

Keep water intake high, at least 8 glasses a day, to avoid dehydration

Prepare meals in advance

Invest in seal-able travel containers

Focus on eating whole, natural foods

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