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Weight Lifting Exercise Descriptions

This page gives descriptions of the proper form for weight lifting exercises.

Proper Exercise Form:

Bench Press:

When benching, you want to have total control of the bar at all time. One important thing to remember is to make sure you use a spotter. Please be safe.

To start, lay on the bench and grip the bar with your hand shoulder length apart. Lift the bar off the rack and lower the weight slowly. The weight should just barely touch the chest before you push the weight back up (do not bounce the weight off your chest).

Close Grip Bench Press:

As you probably already know, close grip benching is the same as regular benching except for the grip. For close grips, your grip should be about 12 to 18 inches apart. The close grip bench is mainly a triceps exercise and when failure is reached, it is very difficult to get the weight up, so make sure you use a spotter.


To start the deadlift, place an olympic bar on the floor, loaded with your starting weight. Approach the bar and when standing over it, your feet should be shoulder-length apart. Squat down with your knees and place your hand about shoulder-length centered on the bar. One hand should be facing away from you and one hand should be facing you (to prevent rolling of the bar). After placing your hands correctly on the bar, lift up with your legs and straighten your back. Lift straight up and lock the lift out at the top by rolling your shoulders back slightly. Lower the weight and repeat the lift for more reps.

Military Press

When performing the military press, make sure your back is straight and you are using support. When lifting overhead, your back is vulnerable to injury. Making sure that you do not push too much, because if you hurt your back, you may never recover completely. Risking a back injury is not worth it.


When doing squats, make sure you use a spotter. Remember, safety first! To start, place an olympic style bar on a squat rack (make sure the bar is positioned so you can step under it). Next, load your desired weight on to the bar and step under the bar. Make sure your feet are about shoulder length apart, then place the bar on your traps (top of the upper back). To begin the squat, step back from the rack with the weight on your upper back. To squat, keep your back straight and squat down with your legs, until your backside breaks the parallel plane. At this point, push back up to the standing position and start your next rep (remember, keep your back straight. You are working your legs, not your back).

Standing Biceps Curls:

Standing curls are a mainstay in lifting, but you must remember to keep your back straight and do not swing the weight. You get the most out of this exercise when it is done slowly and strictly.

Triceps Press-downs:

This exercise is completed with a universal cable machine. To start, load a weight that you can do 15 comfortable reps with. Place your hands about one foot apart and begin by pressing the weight down. When bringing the weight back up, only bring it up to your chest. At that point, pause and than push the weight back down again.

Upward Rows:

Upward rows are a great exercise, but they must also be done in a strict manor. Do not swing the weight upward. If you do swing the weight, you are defeating the purpose of the exercise.

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